Mary Ann Stancel
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Hi!!!  My name is Mary Ann and I live in Seattle WA.  I’m passionate about helping busy women gain control from food, build confidence, and feel sexy again.

I’m a Wellness Accountability Life Coach, trained from NASM as a certified personal trainer and received my Holistic Health coaching training through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Registered Nurse. I also teach fitness classes because I love connecting with my community. You’ll often see me with my dog Miles Davis, taking workout classes, having a glass of wine, eating ice cream, trying out new foods that also could be dairy free and gluten free and exploring the world on my own or with my partner in crime.

Here is my journey into Self Love and Coaching:


After years of allowing my past to dictate my life, I said no more.  I was ready to “shine bright like a diamond” as Rhianna would say.  I ended a relationship that was emotionally abusing, stripping away my confidence and ended the relationship of food ruling my life.  I was so focused on food that it created a disorder that took time to break away from. Not only was my mindset at an all time low, my gut was not happy.  I have had a variety of gut issues throughout my life.  So I began to re-build my life.  It wasn't easy.  It took much courage to believe that there is more to life than what I was currently experiencing. 

I believe there is no one right definition of what a Healthy Lifestyle looks like, but I do know that it includes your mindset and what is happening in your life. 

What created the shift in my life:

When I started to work on my inner core, repairing the areas that were weak, I started to feel ignited and empowered. Ultimately feeling confident, sexy in my skin, and finding my intuition and voice. 

I relied on therapy and books by Gabrielle Bernstein, Jen Sincero, Melissa Ambrosini, and Louise Hay to help me see a different way of living.   I began to see I could live a life where the universe DOES have my back, where my intuition began to speak loudly and where I can use affirmations to build strength.   For once, I was able to construct positive words of affirmations, instead of letting the negative words over power me. Leading to an Ignited Mindset.


This shift was also seen in how I looked at food. I felt more in control than my food.  I was able to enjoy it, love my body from the inside and out, and live the life I wanted to live. I started to understand my trigger points, what nourished my body, and what made my body feel horrible. I began to listen and be more connected with my body. Leading to an Ignited Nutritious Life.  

I always had been into fitness but now I began to understand how my body works and what felt good. I tried out different forms of exercise to find ones that worked for my body. I realized my workouts can change and when I have my mindset and nutrition on board my movements become stronger. Leading to an Ignited Fitness Life.

I started my journey alone. I didn’t have someone to keep me accountable and help me when I felt weak; when I might have given up. When I started to ask for help, share my journey and find people who could support me, I realized that creating a positive shift was possible. Accountability helped me to reach my goals, not to give up and not to let the excuses pile up and win. I felt stronger and focused on winning against my fears to continue my journey. I knew wholeheartedly I could achieve the impossible. Leading to an Ignited Accountability Experience.

Then, I realized, why can’t I provide that for others?! Why can’t I be someone’s community, partner in crime, accountability partner; share my tips, and knowledge to help someone with their own journey?! And that is how my accountability coaching began. We all need accountability in our health and wellness journey. So I started to help others with their own journey as well.

One thing I want to say is that even though I’m a coach, I’m not perfect. I believe that all professionals are continuously learning about themselves and about what they do. Even now, I’m working on strengthening my intuitive energy.


Come see what I'm all about. I'm about finding balance and finding your own path to a healthy living in a safe non-judgemental place. You’ll never feel forced to do anything or guilty.   

A transformation is possible in your life too. It all starts from the inside out. It starts with an ignited heart. If you aren’t sure that is ok too! We can figure that out together.

If you desire a change, or need accountability or guidance with your transformation lets chat and check out my coaching offerings.

xoxoxo Mary Ann 


Portrait Photo Credit: Sarah Wolfe Photography