My morning coffee


My morning routines have changed over the years but one thing that remains the same is my coffee time.  It is the time where I can recharge myself and get ready for the day.  I try to make this time special for me.  Sometimes I'll drink my coffee and read or drink my coffee in silence.  Now-a-days, I usually play with my puppy and drink my coffee while squeezing in some much needed me time.  

Do you have coffee time?  What do you do during this time?

When I've made my coffee in the past, I used to add creamer, then it took me a while to change to black coffee.  Since the summer, I've started to make my bulletproof coffees.  I used to cringe when I thought about adding things like grass fed butter or mct oil in my coffee . After reading more about it, I've learned the beneficial components of doing it.  It helps to reduce those AM cravings for muffins, and chocolate croissants, and boosts cognitive function, by adding mental clarity into your foggy morning brain.  The coffee also contains caprylic acid, which is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral!! 

On top of adding grass fed butter by 4th and Heart and MCT oil either from bulletproof or coconut oil, I'll add in a scoop of vital protein's collagen peptides, to give me added protein, and health for my skin, hair and nails.  Sometimes I'll even be adventurous and add in my matcha!  And most times my dog wants my coffee more LOL.

Mary Ann Stancel