Bassline Fitness Review


I love taking fitness classes and lately I've found a passion for HIIT classes.  I've been frequenting Bassline Fitness up in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle.  Bassline Fitness started in 2013 in Kirkland, WA by a Husband and Wife pair who are avid fitness lovers and then opened up in Seattle about 2 years ago.  I haven’t been to orange theory yet but from what I heard it is quite similar but also quite different.  Similar in that you have floor and treadmill work but different in that the moves are not the same and the challenges are different. 

At first I didn’t know what to expect.  All I knew is that I wanted to feel challenged….and I certainly was challenged!!  Every day happens to be a different focus.  I mainly go to their total body class or leg + ab class.  Both of which I like.  You get a choice of starting on the treadmill or floor and you stay there for about 10 minutes then switch.  The class lasts for 60 minutes.  


The instructors know what they are doing, and the vibe of the class was pretty positive and motivating.  It made you want to work harder.  My favorite line from Devon one of the instructors goes something like this “My goal is for you to walk away from this class like you worked hard.  If you aren’t feeling like that, then push yourself harder, so that you’ll be happy with what you did in class” 

The exercises range from HIIT, tabata, a variety of intervals on the treadmill to squats and lunges on the treadmill.  One day we were each given a body band and I about died.  My legs were on fire,  We were doing squat jumps and leg lifts with the band.  The equipment is all in good condition.  The treadmills are high quality and you almost feel a bounce as you run on them.   If you want to monitor your progress, you can wear a heart rate monitor.  It's great because you aren't competing against anyone but yourself.  It tell you your heart rate, the potential calories you may have been burning and your effort at any given time.  

There are lockers to place your belongings in.  The bathrooms are single person bathrooms so if you plan on showering before going to your next appointment, give yourself enough time to do so.  They only have 1 shower.  Definitely check this place out if you are in Capitol Hill.  There is also a location in Bellevue too, which I have never been to yet.  I would give it an overall A, for quality classes that pushes you every time you go, intense workout moves and quality instructors.