Burn Cycle Studio Review


When Burn Cycle opened up in Capitol Hill I was all over it.  As you walk into the studio you feel that positive vibe flowing all around you.  You are greeted with a big smile from everyone who works at burn cycle.  You'll check in at the front and you will be handed your pair of cycle shoes, if you are already wondering about a towel, there will already be one waiting for you on your bike.  Down the hallway, you'll be surrounded by uplifting quotes, which gets your mindset in the right place!  There are options to store your belongings in the lockers right there or you can go into the dressing rooms.  The dressing rooms are so nice and clean.  It has everything you need if you are showering after class (blow dryers, and women necessities).  There are lockers here to place your things as well. 

I love a good cycle class where my I sweat it all out and listen to good music.  But I also dread the fact that in most cycle classes focus on progressing up a hill continuously while increasing the intensity.…I end up losing motivation and burn out quick.  However this cycle class is completely different.  The class goes to the beat of the music.  And WOW I love the music.  Rather than focusing on that hill, you focus on riding to the beat, is your left foot going to the beat or the right, are you dipping to the beat, are you pressing your chest forward to the beat.  So your mind is completely focused on something else rather than what you are doing.  You are still increasing the intensity but at a different rate and focus.  And I just add that you --> WORK YOUR BUTT OFF HERE. 

They don't use any fancy lights, which is great and the lights will be adjusted to help add to your workout, whether to help us cool down, focus on ourselves or create that intensity you need to push yourself harder.  Another component I love is that there is no cycle monitor.  I have been to another cycle class where you ranked against others.  I'd normally feel defeated as I felt like I was working so hard but the board did not show it. 

I have always been impressed by the level of enthusiasm, energy, and the motivation the instructors project out the riders.  The overall vibe of the classes is top notch.  Toward the end of the class, there is a sequence using weights to work your upper body.  I normally use 3lb weights as anything more than that for me is hard!  And in my normal sculpt sessions I can use up to 10 lbs weights.  So it says something about the intensity of this short upper body section.  Every upper body movement you do is in double time fashion so just imagine you doing multiple reps for 3 minutes continuously.  It is so different than working your upper body at the gym or home.  It reminds me of a barre class, where you are working those small muscles that aren't usually focused on.  Your upper body is limp at the end of that session.  Then it is time to ride again, and boom, You are DONE.  One of the coolest parts of the class is that they bring it all back to what your intention is…they add that yoga mindset, which I LOVE.  It adds a whole new new dimension to your typical cycle class.    

At the end of the class you discard your shoes and towel.  And if you want to stock up on more leggings or burn cycle gear, check out their stash at the front.  You'll see my favorite leggings by Gold Sheep.  Check them out if you want to ride to the beat and feel empowered to be your best self.   

I give this place an A+ for vibe, atmosphere, a hard core class, plus the studio itself is so clean.