Feeling the bloat? Read about how to beat the bloat


Sometimes eliminating certain foods every once in a while can help to give your body a reset and clear up some cravings.  Also if you are having some digestive or skin issues or other issues that you feel are contributing to the foods you eat, doing an elimination diet may be nice.  After a few weeks of eliminating the food from your diet, you would slowly add it back in.  If the symptoms return then it is a sign that your body is sensitive to that food item.  *check out my post about my elimination diet*

Have you noticed some bloat?  Here are some things to consider:

  1. Did you know that fats take longer to digest? 
  2. You might be eating too fast and too much
  3. Slow down your eating.  It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to process the signals from your gut to tell you “I am full” 
  4. Beans can cause the bloat by the breakdown bi-product
  5. Drink some water before you start eating your meal
  6. You may be getting too much air into your gut
    1. increased air into your gut can happen from drinking from a straw, chewing gum, drinking carbonated beverages (pop, sparkling water), and sucking on hard candy
  7. Sweeteners also can cause the bloat.  Fructose is in a lot of processed foods and it quite difficult for our bodies to digest.  

Keep a food diary!!  Write what you ate and how your body feels.  It is a great exercise.  Most importantly listen to your body.  What works for you doesn't work for the next door neighbor and that is ok!! 

So next time you feel bloated, take a step back and think about 1) what did I eat for the day 2) what could you do to reduce the amount of bloat you are feeling.  



This information was gathered from my OWN personal experience and from a variety of sources on the web.  www.mindbodygreen.com  www.webmd.com  Institute of Integrative Nutrition classes