8 Tips on How to Feel Successful Elimination Diet and Reintroduction Phase

Here are 4 tips to having an successful Elimination diet experience:

1) Plan out the right time.  

Don't choose any time to start.  Be a little strategic about it.  If you know there is a big party or vacation happening, it is probably best to do it after that time period.  You want to set yourself up for success.  Not surround yourself with obstacles along the way that will only make you frustrated that you can't participate in the festivities.  

2) Plan out your foods

Research different meals that you can eat and make during your elimination diet phase.  Don't make yourself feel trapped by not having the foods available in the fridge that you can eat.  Make sure your fridge and pantry are stock with items that are approved during your elimination diet and either store away or throw away the items that you can't have.  Having temptations right there in front of your face, makes this experience worse than it needs to be.  

3) Treat yourself at the end of an elimination phase

We all love gifting ourselves, so why not gift yourself when you are done!  Take yourself out to a shopping spree, or a local trip or to the movies.  Something for you to look forward to at the end of this phase


4) Have a food diary

Decide if you want to document your experience every day, every other day or every week so you can track your progress, how you feel, and the positive changes you see in yourself.  This will help you reflect on your experience and be able to notice how this is positively effecting your experience

Here are 4 tips to be successful during your Reintroduction phase

1) Document each food you eat

Have a food diary where you document the type of food you are eating so you can write it down anything that happens to your body when you reintroduced it in.  Some columns to have are -> food, quantity, preparation, symptoms (describe it and list it as mild, moderate or severe), how often, how long.  Sometimes symptoms don't happen until a day or two after so you have to focus on eating the food for 3 days straight and wait a day in between introducing a different type of food.

2) Choose what you want to introduce.  May be you realized that certain food groups are not worth reintroducing.  That is perfectly fine and it is up to you what you don't even want to try to reintroduce and what you do want to reintroduce.  

3) Enjoy this period

you finally get to see what happens when you eat certain foods that bothered you before.  Since you have healed your gut during the elimination phase, you will have a better sense of how foods effect your gut and at what level.  

4) You decide what to do at the end. 

If you want to completely eliminate it from your diet that is your choice.  You can still decide to eat it, knowing that it will cause certain symptoms to occur.  This is all your choice.