How to shift from a victim mindset to a powerhouse one.

How to shift your talk from 'Why me? Why now?', to a loving, supporting, powerful and nourishing one for yourself.  

Do you find yourself asking “why does this happen to me?” In the psychology world, it is called falling into a ‘victim’ mindset.  You feel 'powerless', and can easily blame others for what you are going through.  I have been there.  When things don’t go as planned it is so easy to to wonder ‘why is this happening to me?’ or 'why is it that everyone else doesn’t experience this?'. 

Let me share a secret with you.  We all are experiencing something that we don’t want to happen.  Some are more transparent than others about what is going on.  Some were given tools or not, when we were younger or when we grew up, that we can fall back on now to help us through a situation.  

I feel that the more transparent we can be with ourselves and with others, it will help all of us to not feel alone or feel like everyone else has better lives than our own.  

When you find yourself in a victim mindset over a situation you are in, try these 4 suggestions out to help serve you better. There are so many other ways that I could add but wanted to give you 4 to start with right now.

  1. Ask yourself ‘What can I learn from this? What could I do to look at this differently? - reflecting on the current situation will help you to learn from it, so you will be a stronger person down the road. And so you won’t repeat history again.

  2. Did you know that your life path is not a stagnant one, but is ever changing? ’This path is not the final destination. So create an affirmation that says something like "I am choosing which direction to go, and the path I choose is leading me to where I need to be.’

  3. Create a vision that you want to manifest into fruition. Vision boards are great way to do this, as it is a daily reminder of where you want to go. This helps you to make small shifts in your mindset daily and soon enough those visions on your board will become a reality. At a conference I was at, a woman talked about how when she was in high school, she created a vision board that included her getting a full ride scholarship to a university and also playing collegiate soccer. And guess what?! It happened! What did she do? She looked at it everyday and visualized the possible experience.

  4. Work on understanding your belief systems. Where are they coming from? are they really true? Then start working on creating a healthier version of your belief systems. Our belief systems can change and a lot has been created since our childhood.

Give yourself grace as you create a shift in your life, because it takes time. The more you work on your internal self, the more you'll blossom and step into your true self. Remember no one can take away your power. You are a strong, beautiful and a loving being, who will the life you want to live.