Check out my 5 Tips to help you stick with your Movement Goals

Feeling stressed out and no time to workout? 


When life sets up barriers or obstacles, it can be easy to let other things go.  I know in the past when I’ve been stressed out, or felt that nothing “went right”, it would be easy to say “no” to my exercise or bring movement into my life. But I realized during those moments how important exercise was for my overall wellbeing. Exercise or movement really helps me to release some pent up energy/stress/anxiety, manage it and feel a little bit more relaxed. I’m sure you’ve all heard how pent up energy or stress or anxiety can eat at you, causing a decrease in your immune system ie. you’ll get sick more, lack of sleep, cause irritable moods, and upset your GI tract to name a few.

So I want to share with you 5 tips to help you stick with your movement goals. There are a lot more tips that I’ll highlight later down the road. But these 5 tips I thought you could try and see what resonates with you so you can keep them in your toolbox for the future.

  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE AND THEN BUILD UP:  Instead of giving yourself a goal of working out every day, especially when you already feel so stressed, start with one or two days of working out..  Lets be realistic, sometimes we just don’t have time. So create a system that allows you to succeed and feel good. Right now you are trying to reduce your stress not add to it. Then once your 1-2 times a week seems doable, you’ll start creating a habit and will want more of it. Soon it will be three, then four and five times and then heck every day of the week. When you create a simple schedule for yourself, you’ll feel more accomplished and awesome that you were able to crush that goal. 

  2. CHOOSE ACTIVITIES THAT YOU ARE DRAWN AND EXCITES YOU.  Just because everyone is doing a HIIT class or a yoga class doesn’t mean that is what you need.  Take the time to listen to yourself and figure out what type of movement would most benefit your mind, body and soul.  May be it is as simple as a walk around the block during lunch or after. Or a 10 min cardio sesh at home or a lunchtime workout class.  Or maybe you need some more yoga in your life and that is what you focus on for now.

  3. MAKE IT NON-NEGOTIABLE.  Mark it on your calendar and create a system in place so you won’t back out on it.  If you make work projects and tasks non-negotiable, why can’t you do that for yourself? Self-care is far important and will help you live a better life in the long run. Make a goal to put yourself first. If a friend wants to hang out at the same time as you had planned on exercising, ask them if they’d like to join and then you two can go out to dinner. Get a little creative;) Why not create a community and do some things together.  You never know who you’ll inspire and help create change in their own life too.

  4. SHARE YOUR GOALS - FIND A BUDDY: There is something powerful about accountability and support, when we are trying to create a shift in our lives. When you share what you are trying to do, you’ll receive the support you need, so when you get to that place where you want to quit, they can help you just dig a little bit deeper and JUST DO IT. It could be a friend that you text or call when you need help making a decision, or it could be a coach that you work with or your local studio members. Doing it alone can be lonely and hard, so why not find your tribe and see where you can go with love, support and accountability.

  5. RE-EVALUATE: Nothing is ever set in stone. We all go through phases where may be we can only get one workout in, or some weeks we crush it. So at the end of each week either on a Friday or Saturday, re-evaluate what happened, what worked, what didn’t work, workouts you loved or didn’t, times you’ve worked out, your wins, and challenges. Reflect on all of this, even write out your feelings. Then take a look at your schedule for next week, decide what you can feasibly accomplish and schedule it all into your calendar. Even block off times on your work calendar. If work is getting in the way, may be it is time to talk to your boss about how things are going.


Everything is a work in progress. Stress in today’s society is hard to avoid. Acknowledge your stress. Don’t ignore it. But find ways to support yourself during this stressful time in your life. It will help you to get through the moment better and serve yourself better too. I always find that working out/exercise/movement, helps me to bring a little bit more “balance” or self care back into my life. So I can be a better person for myself and to others during this stressful time. If you need any more tips or resources, please reach out and I would love to chat with you!