Gratitude, is it the best attitude and medicine?


There is a lot of research to prove how gratitude helps improve sleep, feelings about life, helps us to be resilient, create better relationships and improves our overall physical and mental state.

A practice of gratitude is probably something we all can use.  Just taking a few minutes out of your day to be thankful for something your life.  Personally, I've used "The 5 minute Journal" to expose myself to a gratitude practice and I actually enjoyed it.  Some days I'd be grateful for the same things and other days it would be different.  But when I went through the exercise I felt good about what was happening in my life. Even when I do it now, I enjoy turning situations that I may feel sucked, into ones where I can still see the good from it. 

Based on some research out there, here are 5 ways gratitude can benefit your life:

1. Gratitude helps you to feel better about your life and see things through an optimistic lense

2. Gratitude helps you to focus on self-care more - you tend to take care of yourself better by eating better, working out more and going to the doctor less

3. Gratitude helps to improve your relationships - the more thoughts of gratitude you have over your partner, it helps to strengthen the bond.  It can also help to start new relationships as people tend to be more interested in getting to know people who say "thank you" back.

4. Gratitude helps you to sleep better - you've heard the notion of what you do before you sleep affects how you sleep.  Well if you think about a few things you are grateful for before going to bed, it will help you to sleep better and longer because you aren't worried about what will happen next or what hasn't happened.  You go to bed with happy thoughts.  

5. Gratitude helps to improve mental strength.

Overall a study found that how gratitude affects your life depends on your emotional maturity. Although it is a great practice for kids to go through, they won’t see the full effects of a gratitude lifestyle, until they an adult.

So are you ready to try out this gratitude practice? YEAH!!!!

Try these suggestions out.

  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal. You can buy “The 5 minute journal” or create your own. Write down 3 things in the morning and evening that you are grateful for each day. You can do this in the morning or before bed or both times. It is really up to you. And keep it simple. Sometimes I say I’m grateful to “see” or I’m grateful for living.

  2. Write a thank you note. I did this several years ago and I had such a blast. It made me feel so good to be able to thank someone for who they are and what they’ve done for me in my life

  3. Think of thoughts of gratefulness - you could do this during a specific time of day or week or month

  4. Reflecting back on good memories and being thankful for things from the past, present and future (hopeful mindset).

Once you start your practice and find your own groove, you’ll create a habit of feeling more grateful about your life. Try it out for a few weeks and see what happens.

Here are two articles that I got some of the information to use for this blog post which talks about the research behind gratitude